Surviving the End of the School Year

When I was younger and still in school I remember feeling so busy with school work, clubs, extracurricular activities. Then, I could see the light at the end of the tunnel – all I had to do was get through finals and I would be home free. Studying for exams while trying to do all these other things seemed like so much work. Let me tell you, as a teacher, it is even harder! True, I don’t have to take the exams, but I do have to create them and I do have to grade them. I have to do this all while still getting all my other work done, still teaching, planning curriculum and other various things for next year, and keeping up with my personal life. It is a lot and when June hits and the end of the school year seems so close yet so far there are a few things that help keep me sane and not totally burn out.

First, it is the fact that the weather is finally nice and I can wear a dress to school every day if I wanted to without freezing.

photo 2 (1)
Lace-trimmed camisole from Macy’s; Dress from JCrew Factory, Brown & cream flats from Rockport  photo 3 And the fact that this particular dress has a button up back makes me even happier!


Second, I feel like a calendar with events coming up and counting down until the end of the year helps me out.


photo 4 (1)


Last, but not least, having amazing friends at work is essential. They are the ones I go to for help, to ask for advice, to vent to, to laugh with. I could not survive the whole school year without them!


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