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Game Day Look with Fanatics

I’m so excited to share this game day look with you all. Fanatics is an online retailer for all things sports apparel and gear related. Just a quick browse through the site showed me apparel from the NFL all the way to NASCAR.  Since we are well into baseball season, they asked me to pick a hat of my choosing and style a look around it. I chose this Yankees hat in the Derek Jeter edition since it is his last year! Growing up in New Jersey, I have been a life long Yankees fan so this was a no brainer! You can pick it up or look at any of the other teams’ hats at their great MLB hats section. A Yankees hat was definitely what I was looking for and when I saw this Derek Jeter hat, I had to choose it.
To complete my look, I came up with this outfit, which I totally wish was completely in my closet. Right. Now.
Game Day Outfit

Fox sunglasses
I went with blue and white for Yankees colors. I know the boyfriend cardigan is a brighter blue, but I like the bright pop of color against the white tank top.
I chose boyfriend jeans because they’re more comfortable, especially when you’re going to be out at the game for hours. I swear I didn’t purposely choose styles that started with “boyfriend”. Bonus points – these are low-rise so they’ll be extra comfortable and you can indulge in game day goodies and not have to worry about your pants digging into your stomach.
The studded gladiator sandals are comfortable and stylish at the same time and since the weather isn’t cold yet, your toes won’t be freezing.
The bangles are a nice feminine touch to the casual look and I love this stacked look.
The crossbody bag is an awesome idea to bring to a game, because obviously you need something to hold your phone, wallet, etc. in and it’s annoying to constantly have to keep your bag on your lap and leave it on your seat if you stand up, hoping it doesn’t fall. I hate putting my purse on the ground (in public places)! And if you keep it on your shoulder, after a while your shoulder starts to hurt, and who wants that? A crossbody bag is definitely going to be your friend during game day.
Last, I chose tortoise shell patterned sunglasses. How cute are these!? I chose this pattern, because it goes with the other accessories – black would’ve been too much of a difference in my opinion.
Definitely, check out Fanatics for all kinds of sports gear and apparel!
Disclaimer: There was no compensation for this post – it was just fun to create a style 😉

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