Collared Lace Back Sweater
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Lace Back Sweater

I can’t believe it’s already Thursday. It feels like my spring break just started. Yesterday wasn’t the best day. If you remember from my post a few weeks ago I’m being more mindful and conscious ofΒ having a positive mindset/outlook, but naturally it’s a process and I’m not always going to have good days. Nothing “bad” in particular happened yesterday, it was just one of those days where you feel down and like nothing is going right. It’s easy to spiral down that dark hole where you feel like nothing’s currently going in your favor and nothing ever will. But I try to tell myself that oftentimes (for people in general, not necessarily for me, but it’s bound to happen for me at some point right?) great things come out of the darkness. When you feel like there’s nothing coming your way, life surprises you. So I’m on the lookout for that!

Something that always makes me happy though is sharing my love for clothes. Seriously, picking out what I’m going to wear brings me a little joy. Last week, I wore this sweater that I’ve been waitingΒ forever to wear. It is pretty lightweight and although it looks like a decently thick sweater it’s actualy pretty thin, so I was waiting for it to not be freezing out to wear it to work. This black sweater comes with the attached collared button down inside, but the real star of the sweater is the lace back!

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Sweater: Simply Vera Vera Wang via Kohl’s | Pants: LOFT | Shoes: Aldo | Watch: Anne Klein

The lace in the back is gorgeous. I love the white button down underneath and while there are no sleeves to the button down, this isn’t simply a fake collar and piece of material at the back underneath the lace. It really is a button-down with real buttons! Like buttons all the way down, buttons.Β  It’s just attached to the black sweater at the shoulders. The fact that it has real buttons really helps to slip the sweater on so you’re not trying to squeeze your head through the neck hole.

I didn’t want to wear black pants with this sweater on this particular day, just because I didn’t feel like wearing all black. Although I think it would make for a really classic look. I also didn’t want to go with grey pants because it looked drab and I wanted to add some color, so I went with dark green velvet pants and my fav black ankle strap shoes with the metal heel.

I hope all your week’s having been going well and if you have any ideas for me on how to jumpstart my inspiration and life in general, I’m all ears – or eyes in this case!

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