Photo Challenge: Nighttime

How exciting is it when a nighttime picture actually turns out good on your phone or camera? Sometimes you want to capture something at night and it just will not come out right leading to a lot of frustration.  Then other times the picture comes out so awesome that you want to jump for joy! So last Friday, The Daily Post, posted a nighttime photo challenge. I didn’t get a chance to get a nighttime picture this week. I wanted to try to get one last weekend because I was in upstate New York for the day and thought I could get a great nighttime bridge picture on the way home, but it came out just alright. Nothing to get excited about. So I went through some phone pictures I have and came across this one from last summer.


This picture was taken at a restaurant/bar near me one summer night last year. They have a gorgeous outdoor area with lots of tables, a big outdoor bar, and twinkle lights. I love the ambiance and twinkle lights just make everything better in my opinion. Just looking at this picture brings me back and makes me think of a warm summer night, surrounded by all these lights and a nice summer breeze blowing by. Makes me miss summer a little bit, but I’m super excited for autumn weather!

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