Songs I’m Loving

Fun fact about me: When I really like a song, I can listen to it on repeat for hours and not get tired of it. At all. I occasionally get tired of songs once I hear them on the radio all the time, but generally I can listen to the same song repeatedly while I’m doing work. For real, for real as some of my students would say. Here are a few of the songs that have made it to my repeat list in the past 2 weeks.

All of these songs are upbeat, which is perfect when I’m trying to plow through piles of lesson planning, grading, and prep work. Definitely the kind of music that makes me dance a little in my seat!

Are any of these songs stuck in your head too?



  1. vestitini

    yesterday night I was nervous and was impossible to sleep, so I put “X factor audition” on you tube. I discover an amazing version of toxic (Britney Spears Song) by a couple called Alex and Sierra. I love that version… do you know them? In Italy they are not famous at all…

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