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Casual Friday: Coral Stripes

Happy Saturday! It’s a 3-day weekend for me, which I’m super excited about. I have been looking forward to this long weekend for a while. This week was especially busy and stressful for me, I’ve got 2 big blemishes to prove it, but I kept up with the posts here because blogging never feels like work to me. In fact, it’s something I look forward to doing every day!

Yesterday was sort of a dreary day. It didn’t rain until the evening, but the whole day was cool and overcast. Since it was Friday and there are still no Friday staff shirts in sight, I wore jeans, a sweater and boots.

Top: Express
Jeans: Loft
Boots: Crown Vintage via DSW
Watch: Michael Kors

Coral is such a beautiful color. It’s brightness is often associated with spring and especially summer fashion, but I think since the coral is just in the stripes and the rest of the shirt is an oatmeal color, it actually is a very fall look. The sweater is loose and so comfortable. It’s a very thin, almost gauzy material, so I wore a tank top underneath. The side where my hand is on my hip has ruching and a drawstring so the hem is a bit asymmetrical.

I tucked my jeans into my boots, but it was a little annoying because I had to keep fixing them. The problem is the jeans I wore aren’t fitted all the way to the ankle so the bottoms bunch up inside the boots. I normally would wear dress socks so I could tuck the jeans inside the socks to keep them in place, but as you’ll see in the next picture, my boots have detailing along the top so my socks peek through. Plus they don’t come up very high so it’s hard to wear longer socks with the intention of them going over the jeans. Anyway, I had to keep tucking my jeans back in but it wasn’t that big a deal. I have a close up picture of the boots in a post (here) from June.


Next week will be busy with parent/teacher conferences, but I have a feeling the workload will be a bit more manageable. Fingers crossed!

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