Photo Challenge: Signs

This past week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post was much easier/quicker for me to come up with than it has been in recent weeks. Signs! Sure, you could think about this photo challenge in a symbolic or metaphorical way, but I decided to go with literal. In July/July 2013, I spent a little over 2 weeks on vacation in a few different countries in Europe. The first country was the Netherlands. Now when people ask, where would you like to travel to? I think typical answers are Italy, France, Spain, Hawaii, Tahiti, Greece, etc. It’s not often that you hear Netherlands, definitely! It’s not like it’s a country that I absolutely did not want to go to – that’s not the case at all, but it’s just not the country that comes to mind first. So anyway, my vacation was on a tour and Netherlands was the first stop. Can I just say that I loved the country. Even though I was there during a cold and rainy spell (locals said it was unseasonably cold, lucky me) I thought it was beautiful. From Amsterdam to small towns, I really enjoyed it all.

On a day trip to Volendam, which is in North Holland and on the coast, we stopped at a real working windmill (so cool!) and a cheese farm. At the cheese farm, I saw this sign which pointed the directions and distance to other major cities in the world. I always love seeing signs like this. Somehow, it makes the world seem so big and so small at the same time. That’s how it makes me feel at least!



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