Sedona - Red Rocks
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Photo Challenge: Place in the World

Happy Friday! It may almost be the weekend, but it’s actually the start of a very busy week (or two or three) for me. I have 3 weddings to go to in the span of 4 weekends plus lots of wedding related events and other social events to go to during the weeks. Oh yeah and regular/work/personal things to get done. Hopefully I don’t completely burn out!

But let me take one thing at a time so as to keep myself from going crazy – starting with today’s photo challenge response. The Daily Post’s photo challenge last week was “Place in the World“. I decided to use a photo from my vacation in Sedona, Arizona 3 years ago. This was the view from my hotel room balcony.

Sedona - Red Rocks

I did get closer to all these red rocks, but using a photo taken from a distance helps to show the size of these giant natural wonders. These natural landscapes and structures have been around for millions of years! Hundreds of millions of years ago Sedona was below sea level and now these red rocks in the form of spires, buttes, and towers are all that is left. So this photo really gives you a sense of your place in the world. Not only in size – that we’re teeny tiny compared to these giant sand and limestone structures, but your place in the grand scheme of things too. We’re physically small next to these natural wonders on this earth, but we’re also small and pretty young next to these landscapes that have existed for hundreds of millions of years! Even the view of the modern rooftops in contrast to the red rocks gives you an idea how we fit in to this world. Modern, young, and pretty, but still put in our place when compared to the natural beauty of ancient and natural beauties.

If you’re interested in seeing some of my Sedona posts from back then, click below for a couple of them.

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And if you want to see any of the other things I got up to outside Sedona while in Arizona, just search for Arizona in the search bar!

What are some things that remind you of your place in the world?

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