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Last Day in Sedona

Yesterday was my last real day in Sedona. When this post goes live, I’ll be on a plane heading home for the night before heading back out. The day was relaxing and a nice way to end this vacation.

I started out the morning with an hour long massage at the hotel spa. It was glorious. I absolutely love getting massages, but I usually only get them once, maybe twice a year if I’m lucky. Usually I only get them when I’m away on vacation and I’m staying at a resort that offers spa services. It’s a little treat to myself.

IMG_3567 IMG_3569

I made my way over to the spa on the grounds and got acquainted with the facilities, slipped into my fluffy robe they provided for me (spa robes are always so fluffy and comfortable!) and went to the little relaxing lounge area to wait for my appointment. I didn’t feel like using any of the amenities as I waited. Now, this is where the east coast in me kicks in. For any of my readers who don’t live in the US, stereotypically east coasters are more the go go go type while west coasters are supposedly more laid back and chill. Anyway, the first few minutes lounging were nice and peaceful. I was in my fluffy robe on the lounger, listening to the soothing music, spa scents wafted by, I had my cucumber water in hand. All was right in the world. Then, a few more minutes go by and I’m like “ok, that’s enough let’s get this show on the road!” But of course, I made sure to look like I wasn’t anxiously waiting for my much needed massage and played it cool until my masseuse came over to get me about 10 minutes later. My masseuse was amazing and so nice. We chatted for a bit beforehand and she was just lovely.

So after my awesome massage, we headed uptown to walk around the shops and get some lunch. I tried cactus fries for the first time!

Hat: Gap Factory Store
Tank Top: Mudd via Kohls
Shorts: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohls

I got the cactus fries at Cowboy Club. They came with a prickly pear dipping sauce. So the cactus is prickly pear cactus. The sauce is made from the fruit of the cactus and the cactus is made from…well, the cactus. I’ve developed a bit of an obsession with prickly pear during this trip. Prickly pear lemonade is to die for. Anyway, back to these fries – they taste like fried string beans but just a tiny bit chewier. Definitely tasty.

Other observations from my last day out and about in Sedona…


Little lizards are really fast. I almost stepped on this little guy and then after I took this picture he scurried off super quick.


These little gem stones in the pavement around the Pinon Pointe shops just scream southwest to me.


Something I’ve forgotten to mention all week is that these rocks all have names based on what they look like. There’s Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, etc. This one is called Courthouse Rock.

Our last dinner in Sedona was at Elote Cafe, which I was originally planning on including in this post. But after eating there last night it needs to have a post of its own! Trust me. I’ll write that post up tonight from the comfort of my own bed and have that up for you guys tomorrow!

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