Photo Challenge: Muse

The latest photo challenge from The Daily Post challenged participants to share a subject that they keep coming back to, in other words a subject that is a sort of “Muse” to them. One thing or things that I think I never get tired of photographing are sunsets and sunrises. I mean, the sun rises and sets every day so what’s so special about it? But for some reason, I just love them, especially when I’m away. Apparently, I think sunrises and sunsets are different from back home! But I think they are different because you’re in a different environment and different landscape.

This past week I’ve been in Sedona, Arizona for vacation. I’ve been waking up pretty early while I’ve been here for two reasons: I’m used to waking up early and Arizona is 3 hours behind New Jersey. The first morning I was here, I woke up at 5:30 (albeit only for about 30 minutes) and I saw that the sun was coming up. I grabbed my camera and went out onto the balcony of my room and snapped a few pictures then made my way back to bed.

The sun will always be my muse, or at least one of them. I hope the sun is shining down on you wherever you are this Friday!



  1. heavenhappens

    Thanks Jamie. The sun is shining bright for us here in the UK at the moment but it’s not nearly as exciting as Arizona I’m sure! I love sunsets too but I don’t often see sunrise!

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