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Photo Challenge: Muse

The latest photo challenge from The Daily Post challenged participants to share a subject that they keep coming back to, in other words a subject that is a sort of “Muse” to them. One thing or things that I think I never get tired of photographing are sunsets and sunrises. I mean, the sun rises and sets every day so what’s so special about it? But for some reason, I just love them, especially when I’m away. Apparently, I think sunrises and sunsets are different from back home! But I think they are different because you’re in a different environment and different landscape.

This past week I’ve been in Sedona, Arizona for vacation. I’ve been waking up pretty early while I’ve been here for two reasons: I’m used to waking up early and Arizona is 3 hours behind New Jersey. The first morning I was here, I woke up at 5:30 (albeit only for about 30 minutes) and I saw that the sun was coming up. I grabbed my camera and went out onto the balcony of my room and snapped a few pictures then made my way back to bed.

The sun will always be my muse, or at least one of them. I hope the sun is shining down on you wherever you are this Friday!

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