Elf Shoe Napkins

I’ve never folded napkins into fancy things, but I always thought it would be a nice touch to a dinner party or holiday gathering. I saw elf shoe napkins on Pinterest and after clicking on a couple decided I needed to try it out for Christmas. The website I clicked on through Pinterest was so difficult to follow. Sure, they had detailed step-by-step instructions, but it’s hard to picture what they’re saying to do when it’s all in words. I needed pictures! I figured there must be tutorials on YouTube so looking for a video tutorial is just what I did. This one is so easy to follow! There’s no sound, but that’s perfectly fine because all you need to do is follow the video. I folded as she folded and turned the napkin as she turned. It was seriously so simple and trust me, if I could figure it out then you can too!

Here’s the finished product!


It would look even better if it I had red and/or green napkins, but the only holiday ones I found at the store were ones that had ornaments on them so that’s what that detailing is on the shoe. I think it still looks nice though!

Have any of you ever tried doing any napkin folding? If you try this elf shoe let me know how it turns out! 



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