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Dress Your Favorite Oscar Nominee

Dress Your Favorite Oscar Nominee
Tonight’s the Oscars! There hasn’t been as much buzz this year as in some previous years and I’ve heard that less viewers are expected this year. A theory is that many of the films that are nominated this year are smaller and/or more independent films that a lot of people haven’t seen so the interest isn’t as high. Regardless, that doesn’t effect red carpet fashion! As with the other major awards shows, I will share my fashion picks tomorrow morning, but first let me share how I would dress Emma Stone – one of my favorite actresses of all those nominated.
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I think purple would look beautiful on her and while I’m normally not a mermaid gown fan, I saw this sketch and loved it. The sketch uses an actual bouquet of flowers for the bottom of the gown, which wouldn’t work in real life but I love the idea/look of it. So instead of the actual flowers in the sketch, I would recreate a similar look with ruffled layers to simulate a cascading floral look. The off the shoulder look looks so feminine and classy. Rather than a completely strapless look, the off the shoulder cut creates a more romantic look.
I accessorized with silver and diamond pieces including a diamond cuff, silver shoes, silver jeweled clutch, and diamond brooch for her hair.
I’m excited to see what Emma Stone and many of the other stars will wear!

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