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Menswear Inspired & Life Update

Work Wear: Prince of Wales Check
So the title of this post is “Menswear Inspired & Life Update”. Read on til the end to hear about my unexpected mishap yesterday!
Menswear for women isn’t exactly new. Women have been wearing pieces like blazers, pant suits, and the like for a long time. But when Polyvore brought up the challenge of menswear inspiration, I immediately thought of the looks that are menswear inspired but very much feminine and sexy even. Originally, I was thinking of putting together a blazer and shorts, but as I browsed online for street styles and other images, I got the idea for suspenders! I love these loose, short shorts, suspenders and taupe button down with white trim. I personally think it looks hot, but definitely not very revealing. I’d love to try to recreate this look myself, but I need to get a pair of suspenders first.
What do you guys think of menswear inspired looks?
 Now for the life update portion of my post. My week started off with a busted tire! If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen the picture. It seriously was a huge rip in my tire! As I pulled off the highway and looked at the gash in my tire, my first thought was “This is so not ideal” and then I remembered the line from Bride Wars.
But I was actually really calm about the whole situation, didn’t panic at all. I pulled into a small parking lot for a sales office for construction for new homes. Called AAA and waited for the AAA guy to come. My biggest issue was having been drinking Starbucks while I was driving and in the time I was waiting, I had to go to the bathroom. I seriously contemplated using the port-a-potty that was outside the sales office, but I was alone and had this fear of being locked inside!
Anyway, the woman I spoke to on the phone from AAA was super nice and patient with me while I tried to figure out where exactly I was and all the little details like that. The woman inside the sales office was really nice when I told her I had a flat and wanted to know what the exact name of the road was (because I was on a small slightly, undeveloped road off the side of the highway and had no idea the actual name of the road). The guy who came to change my tire was really nice too, which I was really relieved about because I had texted my friend saying I hoped he wasn’t scary! I don’t remember any of their names, but they’ve all earned good karma in my book! The day definitely didn’t go as planned, but it’s ok – everything happens for a reason. I learned that some strangers are incredibly nice and helpful and that (and I’ve been told this by parents at work before) I’m good at handling situations and remaining calm in situations where I could have easily freaked out. If this didn’t happen I also would probably not have noticed that on another one of my tires there’s a bubble and could’ve led to an accident if it burst! So I’ll be getting all new tires!
Hoping for a smooth remainder of the week with no more unexpected surprises — unless it’s a good surprise! I hope you all enjoyed the menswear inspired look I put together and had a good start to the week!

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