Nail Dotting Tools…Or Lack Thereof

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you probably know that I’ve been trying to be more creative with my nail art. It’s a slow going process because my hands aren’t the steadiest when it comes to doing my nails. Anyway, in an attempt to try to help out this process I wanted to buy some nail dotting tools, which I’ve seen YouTubers and bloggers use before to help them create designs. I went on Amazon and ordered a set of different sized dotting tools and the picture looked pretty cute too. They were only a few dollars, so I was sold.

naildottingThe estimated shipping was a while because it was being sold through a third party company so I didn’t find it weird that the shipping was going to take a while. I ordered this set in February. Would you like to know my review of these nail dotting tools? I’d love to give you a review, if I had ever received them!!

It’s now April 21, and I still haven’t gotten them. Weeks ago, the order status was updated to “shipped” and the window for delivery was as wide as you could get. The window they gave me was March 17 – April 2. Truth be told, I kept forgetting about it because I’d been waiting for so long. Last week, when I realized I still hadn’t received them I tried to contact the seller to no avail and also Amazon. Amazon said they would look into it and get back to me as soon as possible. Amazon couldn’t get ahold of them either! So I got credited the money. It was only a few dollars; thankfully, I didn’t spend a lot of money on something that never arrived.

But now, I’m still without nail dotting tools. Do any of you own any and/or know where I can buy a set from a reliable vendor?



  1. Halo From Hell

    Something similar happened to me too, however I did eventually receive mine. And it was dotting tools similar to those ones above in question too actually. Mine took 5 months to come in the post but honestly they were a wise investment. I use them regularly and they’re so good. 🙂 I’d recommend getting another set from a more reputable buyer this time tho

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