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Photo Challenge: Intricate

This week’s photo challenge again has me kicking myself that in the past I haven’t had a more keen eye to take more detailed photos. I probably could have had so many photos to choose from for the challenge, “Intricate”! So while going through old photos and trying to find one I liked enough and that I felt was a good example of “intricate” I decided on this stain glass window from a church in Belgium.

This photo was taken in Cathedral of Our Lady, Antwerp in Antwerp, Belgium in 2013. I love stained glass windows, always have. I think they are breathtakingly beautiful and are probably my favorite architectural part of touring cathedrals and churches. The windows are works of art that intricately depict a scene or story and I can’t imagine how much time it takes to put these windows and all these pieces of colored glass together. I chose this window because I love that the interior of this church is white, which makes the colors of the window really stand out.

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