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Photo Challenge: 2017 Favorites

I can’t believe it’s the last Friday of 2017! I just got used to writing 2017 down. The most recent Photo Challenge from The Daily Post is “2017 Favorites” I’m writing this post in advance as I’m traveling. Since IΒ am traveling, I might have a new favorite 2017 photo, but I’m using a photo from earlier this year to commemorate a favorite moment of mine from this year.

The Craig House.jpg

I love this summer evening photo I took at The Craig House when I did my first ever professional photo shoot for my blog with Jaye Kogut Photography. It was so fun, despite it being extraordinarily hot and humid that evening. As soon as you walked outside you’d start sweating and could hardly breathe, but the photos still turned out perfect and some of my favorite. It’s the 2017 moment I’ve chosen because of the beauty of this shot and what it represents. A fun moment in my life and my blogging career and my year without a doubt. It marked a significant step in my blogging life and one that really made my 2017.

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