Photo Challenge: Shadow

Last week’s photo challenge on The Daily Post was “Shadow“. If you’re wondering why I’m doing photo challenges a week behind now it’s because The Daily Post is now posting new challenges every Wednesday instead of Fridays which doesn’t leave me a lot of time to come up with my photo response by my Friday photo challenge posts. I talked more about it in last week’s photo challenge post.

Anyway, last week’s photo challenge was “Shadow” and when I saw that I knew exactly what photo I wanted to use. Back in October I went to a nearby farm for apple & pumpkin picking. I did end up with a few apples, but didn’t get any pumpkins. When walking around the apple orchard and trying to find any apples left on the trees, I looked down and saw the shadows of me and my friends. It was too perfect to not take a picture!


You can even see all the apples that are on the ground. I’m happy I took this picture because I think it looks so cool and it worked perfectly for this photo challenge. You never know when a picture you take just because you like it will work out for something in the future!

Enjoy your Friday! I’m so ready for this 3-day weekend to begin!

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