Tightrope Walkers at NJ State Fair

Photo Challenge: Partners

When I saw that this past week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post was “Partners” I immediately knew what photo to use. Last week, I went to the State Fair (video and pictures to come later!) and there was a tightrope act. Honestly, I don’t know how they walk across a tightrope let alone do tricks on it! And also, at what point in your life do you think to yourself, “I want to be a tightrope walker when I grow up”?

In any case, not only do these performers need to be able to get themselves across the rope looking like it’s not a big deal and not seeming to break a sweat, but sometimes a couple or few of them have to walk together or do some sort of trick together. That takes serious partnership! I mean, I don’t even trust myself to not fall off the tightrope and you want me to now rely on another person’s balance too?!

Tightrope Walkers

It was fun to watch and nerve wracking as there was no net! The two guys put a metal shoulder brace over their shoulders connected by a metal pole (?) and then the woman stood on that pole while the two guys walked across. There needs to be some serious trust in your partners for that!

P.S. For those that keep up with my blog regularly, I’m under the impression that for the 2nd half of my vacation that I’m currently on I will have reliable wifi so hopefully next week’s photo challenge photo response will be taken somewhere in Alaska!

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