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Cold Shoulder Vibes

I’m sure you’ve all noticed the cold shoulder or off-the-shoulder trends that are everywhere right now. I know I haven’t been able to resist it. I may or may not have purchased a couple tops and dresses in the past few months that fit perfectly into those categories. You know, stocking up for the warm weather.

The cold shoulder top I’m sharing with you today was not one I bought though. Let me explain. So, about a month ago I placed an order at Macy’s consisting of a few items. I’ve never had any issues with Macy’s whatsoever. To make a long story short I had quite a few problems with the order over the next few days! I used a promo code that deducted the money but then once the order was placed no discount was taken. I spoke with customer service a few times and each time they said they fixed it and each time (except finally the last time) it wasn’t fixed. There were delays with the shipping etc. It was so weird that I was having so many issues with this one order when I’ve ordered from Macy’s countless times and never once had a problem. Anyway, so my order finally comes and this cold shoulder top is in there too. I did not order this. I called them and they were kinda whatever about it and didn’t really give me a straight answer about what to do with it.

I decided that for all the trouble they put me through with this order, I deserved to keep the shirt! The shirt is not my size and is too big for me but I was determined to make this work. So I tied up one side of the shirt. Twisted one side, used a hair tie to tie it up, and then tucked it under.

Cold Shoulder Top
Cold Shoulder Top 1
Cold Shoulder Top 2
Cold Shoulder Top 3
Cold Shoulder Top 4

Top: Macy’s | Tank Top: Forever 21 | Shorts: Express | Sandals: Steve Madden via DSW (here) | Sunglasses: Express

I actually really like the way it looks twisted and tucked in on one side. I like it better than the way it’s meant to be worn – straight down. Helps make this too big for me shirt slimmer and more fitted so I wasn’t swimming in an oversized cold shoulder top. I decided on a teal cami underneath, which I’m glad I did because it served as a nice pop of color under the white cold shoulder top and the dark grey shorts. It breaks up the white & grey look. They also match my pretty sandals, which I’m loving at the moment. That stitch pattern and colors make me think of the southwest. You’ll be seeing a lot more of those this summer.

I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend so far! If all goes according to plan, I should be posting my first Alaska traveling/sightseeing post tomorrow. Stay tuned for that!

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