Disney Springs - Christmas Tree

Disney Vacation Day 1: Disney Springs

As some of you may already know, I’m in Orlando this week for Christmas vacation! I’ve been posting a ton on my Instagram stories with all that I’ve been up to. My family and I flew down to Atlanta on Christmas day and spent Christmas day with my family that lives there. Then, the next day we all drove down to Orlando to spend a few days in Disney and one day at Universal.

After a long drive, our first evening was spent at Disney Springs to walk around and get dinner. Disney Springs is so much nicer and classier than when I came back in high school and college. Over the years they have updated the area and in recent years totally revamped it and changed the name from Downtown Disney to Disney Springs in fact. With it decked out for Christmas, it is beautiful! My hotel is a short walk away from Disney Springs which is nice. Below are some photos!

Disney Springs - Christmas Tree
Disney Springs Christmas 11
Disney Springs Christmas 10
Disney Springs Christmas 9
Disney Springs Christmas 8
Disney Springs Christmas 7
Disney Springs Christmas 6
Disney Springs Christmas 5
Disney Springs Christmas 4
Disney Springs Christmas 3
Disney Springs - World of Disney 1
Disney Springs - World of Disney
Disney Springs Christmas 2
Disney Springs Christmas 1
Disney Springs Christmas
Disney Springs Christmas - Carousel
Disney Springs - Toy Soldiers

A few of the pictures are out of order, but it doesn’t matter – you get the idea of the pretty-ness!

It’s been a great few days so far, but so tiring! Hopefully from the handful of photos above you get the idea of how gorgeous it is at Disney Springs during the holidays. The area is quite large and it’s filled with restaurants and shops. As I mentioned above, we did eat dinner there that night but I’m saving all my food photos for a separate food post!

I took a lot of short video clips but I don’t want to overwhelm you with images and videos so here’s one to hopefully help you get a sense of the magical feel!

I’ll be back tomorrow with Day 2 which was Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios!

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