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Photo Challenge: Mirror

We made it to Friday! This has felt like an incredibly long week, but we’re almost to the weekend. The past week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post was “Mirror“. I’ve always loved the nature photos you see of a cool reflection in a body of water. You know those pictures of a perfect mirror image of trees and/or clouds or what have you on a lake or some large body of water. When I was in Alaska in June/July I was on a riverboat ride down the Chena River. Of course, I took a lot of photos as evidenced by previous photo challenge responses and all my travel posts! When I was on the river I noticed that I could see a reflection of the scenery in the water and it was just like what I’d always dreamed of taking a photo of myself.


Everything was so serene and calm. There were some beautiful houses sprinkled along the river and I can only imagine how peaceful  it must be to live there and wake up to sights like this on the banks of the Chena every morning.

I was so happy to finally get a mirror shot like this taken by yours truly. The reflection of the trees and little bit of clouds is a perfect mirror image in my eyes.

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