jcrew bright-floral-dress

Back to Work Bright Florals

As you may know my summer break recently came to an end and the school year has officially begun. I was back at work last week for a week full of in-service (workshops and meetings) and then after the long weekend for Labor Day school was officially back in session with the students coming in on Tuesday.

I still remember how excited I used to be as a little kid for the first day of school. Key phrase being “used to be” as the first day of school now means I have to go to this pesky thing called work. Anyway, as a kid I hated that summer was ending (same now as an adult) but it was always exciting to buy all new school supplies and new clothes. Then came the task of figuring out what new clothes to wear for your first day of school outfit. If you’ve been following me for a while or any length of time really, it probably won’t come as a surprise that as a teacher I still put thought in to what my first day of school outfit will be.


Dress: J.Crew Factory | Shoes: Nine West | Watch: Caravelle by Bulova

So for my first day of school this year, I wore this brightly colored floral dress. The colors are so cheery and fun with its mix of purple, white, green, yellow, pink, red and shades in-between. The dress is spaghetti strapped so obviously I couldn’t go in to work like that so I wore a short sleeve white cardigan. Cardigans are my (style) best friends during the school year.

I may have been sad to see my summer break come to an end, but this dress definitely put me into a happier mood!

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