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Style Inspiration: Blair Waldorf

Style Inspiration: Blair Waldorf
You may have heard actress Leighton Meester aka Blair Waldorf is expecting her first baby with her husband actor Adam Brody. I’m sure their baby is going to be adorable! So this news made me think about her character Blair Waldorf on “Gossip Girl”. I watched “Gossip Girl” religiously when it was on and Blair was my fav. I know a lot of people loved Serena, Blake Lively’s character, but I actually did not like her! I always felt like Serena was always fake and a hypocrite, while Blair was always herself – Queen B! I mean, you could like both of them, but I felt like you had to like one more than the other. Kinda like how you had to like either Nsync or Backstreet Boys more (I was a hardcore Nsync fan, fyi).
Blair and Serena had very different styles on the show as well and while the fashion on the show was always amazing and on point, I always loved Blair’s classic style. She was always trendy without being too provocative. She always opted for the sophisticated or old school glamour look. It’s no wonder she references old stars and has a dream in one episode that she’s Audrey Hepburn. And talk about her influence – she made headbands and hats cool and viewers envious of her lunches on the steps of the Met. Above is a little collage of some of her looks throughout the years on the show. Blair Waldorf will always be a style inspiration for me!

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