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Slapjack – Jimmy Fallon & Jason Statham

If you didn’t already know, I love Jimmy Fallon. I probably mentioned it when I posted about his post-Super Bowl lip sync battle. I always thought he was funny on Saturday Night Live and then when he moved to Late Night and eventually The Tonight Show, I continued watching him because I find his shows to be hilarious. I love all the games and things he does with his guests instead of only doing the normal monologue and interview. The other night, he had Jason Statham on as a guest to promote “Spy”, which looks so funny by the way! I’ve been a fan of Jason Statham for a long time — from “Transporter” to playing Handsome Rob on “The Italian Job”. He always has this cool, suave, tough guy thing going on so to see him joking around with Jimmy and to see the clips of his comedy skills in “Spy” is definitely fun to watch! If you missed it, here is their game of Slapjack.

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