Rediscovered: Eve Pearl Ultimate Face Palette

I’m back with another item that I’ve rediscovered. It is the Eve Pearl Ultimate Face Palette . Eve Pearl is a cosmetic brand that I used to hear a lot about on YouTube, especially for their concealers, but I actually don’t hear too much about it these days. About two years ago I saw that HauteLook was having a flash sale on Eve Pearl products and because I had heard so many praises for the brand I knew I definitely wanted to get something. So that’s how I ended up buying this face palette. If you go to the actual brand, it is pretty pricey, but I got it from HauteLook for somewhere around 50% off!


The palette is a hard plastic and is very slim. It actually would probably be great for travel. It comes with 2 face powders which are meant for sculpting and finishing, 2 blushes, and 3 eyeshadows. It doesn’t come off well on camera, but the middle eyeshadow shade is a gorgeous bronze. These neutral eye shades are great and right up my alley as I love browns and bronzes. I remember when I first got this palette I loved it. The powders are so easy to work with and the eyeshadows are so pigmented. Over time, it got put in a drawer and I forgot about it since I had so many other things to try. But the other day I was looking through my stash for a round of “shop my stash” if you will, and remembered that I loved this palette and so that’s how I “rediscovered” it. If you read my post last week about what I wore to host graduation, I mentioned that my makeup that night featured a rediscovered product so now you know what it was! It’s a face palette that I’ve very happy to have. With that being said, I’m not sure I would pay full retail price for this palette, but buying it at the flash sale price on HauteLook was worth it and a great deal.

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