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Jumpsuit Bandwagon

I’ve jumped onto the jumpsuit bandwagon! Jumpsuits are big right now and understandably as we’ve seen a huge comeback of 70s fashion this season. I’ve always loved wearing rompers and thought I should try out the pants version aka the jumpsuit. Jumpsuits, like maxi dresses, are tricky for me since I’m so short and many of them are made for taller or at least people of average height! I’ve mentioned it on here before, but in case you missed it I’m around 5’2 so yeah, pretty petite. So anyway, I’ve loved the look of jumpsuits from afar for a while now but never took the plunge. Then, I came across this jumpsuit on the ASOS website and loved the look of it so I ordered it and crossed my fingers it would fit.

Jumpsuit: Brave Soul via ASOS
Tank Top: LOFT





I wore this for Father’s Day dinner over the weekend. The jumpsuit fits great! It’s a little baggy, but I actually like that it’s loose fitting since it’s a one-piece and the last thing I want is to feel really restricted/confined. It’s a little long, but with wedge sandals it actually is a perfect length. I would not be able to wear it with flats, but that’s ok with me and not a big deal. Since my body wave is still fresh my hair is still slightly more poofy than it would normally be/should be in a few days which I think just adds to that 70s look!

I’ve linked to this particular jumpsuit above; it’s on sale now!Β What do you think of the jumpsuit look?

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