Pinstripe Shirt Dress

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Pinstripe Shirt Dress

For Christmas, my aunt gave me a really cute blue striped, shirt dress. Unfortunately it didn’t fit and I had to exchange it. I tried to get the same dress in another size because it was seriously so cute, but they didn’t have it anymore so I got another dress that was similar.

This blue, pinstriped shirt dress has a tie waist and I love that the belt loops are actual fabric and not just dinky little strings like a lot of dresses have. I’m surprised, considering it’s Forever 21 so it is more budget friendly.

I paired the dress with my much loved embroidered mules. I did a quick search of these mules on the blog last week and it seems I really love to pair these shoes with blue striped clothing! I guess, if it works it works!

Pinstripe Shirt Dress 12Pinstripe Shirt Dress 11Pinstripe Shirt Dress 10Pinstripe Shirt Dress 9Pinstripe Shirt Dress 8Pinstripe Shirt Dress 7Pinstripe Shirt Dress 6Pinstripe Shirt Dress 5Pinstripe Shirt Dress 4Pinstripe Shirt Dress 3Pinstripe Shirt Dress 2Pinstripe Shirt Dress 1Pinstripe Shirt Dress

Dress: Forever 21 | Shoes: DSW

The color of the blue in this dress is so pretty. You really have to look at it up close – it’s such a beautiful shade of blue – almost like a dark cerulean.

This may not be the dress I originally got, but I still love it!

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