Pool Party Style

Weekend Pool Party
I’ve been at a workshop this week for work and while it’s been really useful and I’m learning a lot, it’s also super tiring. Definitely not my first choice of things to do for 8 hours a day all week during the summer. So where do I wish I was instead right now? Keep in mind that when this post goes live, I’ll probably be stuck in traffic on my way home! In my dream world, I’d have a beautiful built in pool in my backyard and I could go for a dip to cool off or just lounge poolside. In my dream world, my house would also look like that! I love straw bags for the pool or the beach to hold my things like phone, sunscreen, book etc. A straw hat to keep my head and face from getting burned is a nice accessory. A lace kimono is a nice way to cover up if you’re just going a short distance and aren’t required to look more properly clothed! And of course, white flip flops always look good in the summer. For the bathing suit I chose a fun floral two piece. The top has a bustier feel to it and I love halters. The bottoms are high-waisted which I’ve never tried but I like the look of them. I’m not sure I could pull it off as I have a short torso, but I like the retro look of it.
Well, I’m off to my imaginary pool now!

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  1. Karen Rees says:

    What a gorgeous combo of goodies…. only wish I was jetting somewhere nice with all this fab stuff in my suitcase hehe Great post as always Jamie ❤ Karen xX

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    1. I wish I was going somewhere tropical…or at least had a pool!

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      1. Karen Rees says:

        Ahhh me too – a paddling pool would even be great!! haha X

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