Watt’s Up & Rockateur Combo

How was everyone’s weekend? I’m officially back to work today. Students don’t come in until next week, but I have a week of workshops and meetings all day, every day this week. Can you feel my excitement?

So I thought I’d start off this week with a little beauty post about a combo that I’ve been absolutely loving lately. Both products are from Benefit and they are the Watt’s Up Cream to Powder Highlighter and the Rockateur Box o’ Powder Blush. The Watt’s Up that I have is a mini I received from Sephora  a long time ago but have just gotten around to using. So far I like it – it’s not holy grail status, but it gives a nice champagne glow and how adorable is the packaging of the full size product? It’s like a lightbulb!



Last week, I was grabbing for my Rockateur blush a lot and since finishing up my L’oreal Magic Lumi Primer, which by the way took forever (I would definitely repurchase it to use as a highlight but I’m not in a rush), I’ve been using this little Watt’s Up. The first time I used the two of these together I was wowed. The rose gold look of Rockateur mixed with this champagne-y glow of Watt’s Up work perfectly together and give the most gorgeous glow to the cheeks. Definitely not a shiny glow but a healthy, lit from within glow that many of us strive for.



These photos haven’t been edited and I didn’t use a filter! It’s just the natural light from my window. I love the combination of these two products and I think the effects can mostly be seen in the photos. Trust me, in person it is even more rose gold glow goodness on my cheeks!

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  1. That’s not very nice of you to tempt me like this… ;p
    Luckily, I already have the blush (I’m obsessed with it. I won’t wear anything else for the rest of my life lol). Now you are tempting me with the highlighter…. Hum..
    I’m also very tempted by the Mary Lou from The Balm. Have you tried this one?

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    1. Haha well if you’re trying to save money and not buy both I would choose the Mary Lou-Manizer! I like it better but you have to use a very light hand!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh… thanks for your honest opinion =)


  2. I love the watt’s up!!!!it’s very good!!!

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