My First Instagram Loop Giveaway

Happy Wednesday! The nice thing about long weekends is that when you start your second day back at work you’re already at the middle of the week. I have a quick post for you today because I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with work at the moment (as I write this the night before this post goes live) — like about to panic and I’m writing up this blog post right now to try to calm my nerves.

Anyway! I’m really excited to share that I’m part of my first ever Instagram Loop Giveaway! It’s exciting for so many reasons but two main reasons are:

  1. I’ve entered into quite a few loop giveaways and although I’ve never won, I hope to one day. But since I’ve entered in a few before I find it really awesome to actually be a participant in one!
  2. I’m so appreciative that Marie from Marie’s Bazaar invited me into the loop. She is an amazing blogger with thousands of Instagram followers yet she took the time to reach out to little ol’ me and it makes me beyond happy and grateful! So please do check out her site!


Feel free to head over to my Instagram and enter into the giveaway!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. That’s an amazing opportunity for you indeed and I understand why you feel so appreciative.
    Enjoy it!
    I’ve entered. Fingers crossed =)

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    1. Thanks! And good luck!! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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