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Healthy Tailgating Food

Now that we’ve passed Labor Day it’s really starting to feel like the fall season despite the fact that the weather forecast says it’ll be over 90 degrees again today. When I think of fall one of the things that comes to mind is football and then with that tailgating comes to mind. I’m not sure if tailgating is a thing in other countries, but in the US tailgating is huge. Everyone heads to games way early to hang out, eat, drink, and play games in the parking lot.

I haven’t tailgated in a while, but back in college I did often. My friends and I always did the standard tailgating foods – chips, beer, and hamburgers & hotdogs thrown on the grill while all the car doors and trunk were open so we could hear our music. So when asked me what healthy snacks and foods I would have at a tailgating I really enjoyed coming up with ideas!

Healthy Tailgating Food


First up, snacks like chips and pretzels are a must, but you can always find healthier alternatives. Instead of chips that are loaded with cheese and other flavors you can opt for tortilla chips, pita chips, and pretzels. They even sell low-sodium pretzels these days. And you can replace the onion dips, taco dips, seven layer bean dips (as much as we all love those, myself included) with hummus, a delicious alternative.
Since you already have your grill out there are some other options instead of the regular hamburger and hot dog. You can grill vegetables, which I personally love. Having vegetables on skewers makes them so much easier to eat while you’re tailgating. You can prepare them ahead of time which helps in both transporting the food from home and makes it more tailgating friendly (less utensils needed to eat).
Now I know you’re going to want some more food than just snacks and grilled veggies so I found these Buffalo Chicken Quinoa Bites! They look and sound absolutely delicious and I actually want to try making them myself! The dip is a yogurt dip in keeping with the healthy eats.
As you can see there are a ton of options for tailgating foods that can be scrumptious yet healthy or at least healthier. Anything you make yourself will most likely be healthier than any processed foods, so grilled chicken, veggie burgers, etc. If you’re looking for more inspiration on healthy snacks has a whole page dedicated to sharing healthy snack ideas which is definitely worth a look! You just may find something you want to bring to your next tailgating party or even just to snack on at home.

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