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Josie Maran Pure Argan Milk

Argan oil, essential oils, and whatever else kind of oil that’s out there have been big in skincare in recent years. And when it comes to argan oil, Josie Maran is the brand that immediately comes to mind for me. I’ve wanted to try the Pure Argan Milk for a while because it sounds different and looks different with it being a more creamy serum than the regular oil. I hauled it a while back but only recently started using it once I finished up some other serums.

The Argan Milk is supposed to offer deep hydration and since I’ve been dealing with drier skin than usual lately, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to break this out.




First off, the packaging is a beauty. It is a glass bottle with a rose gold trimmed dropper. Definitely not travel friendly, but it sure is pretty to look at! As you can see the serum is very milky so the product name is fitting.

So how did this product fare with my skin?

To begin, let me preface this with my skin type. I have combination skin. My t-zone can get oily halfway through the day, my cheeks are normal, and my chin and between by brows can get dry. I’ve got it all going on, lucky me! So the first night I used this, I followed the instructions – shook the bottle, used 2-3 drops and gently massaged it all over my face. It felt nice on the skin. I waited for it to sink in before following up with moisturizer. The next morning, my skin looked brighter, less dull, and was so smooth! I was amazed at how soft and supple my skin felt.

But then…

I used it again the next night and by day 3 I had a pimple! The kind that’s under the skin. Now, could it have been a coincidence? Possibly. I didn’t use it that night and then on day 4 I had a second under the skin pimple! I was so disappointed because it made my skin so soft and bright but these pimples are not fun. Since then, I’ve used the argan milk sparingly and only on the dry areas. The product was expensive and I am not going to waste it! It’s been 2 weeks now and my skin is still out of wack, but I’m hoping it will completely clear up soon.

Would I repurchase? Unfortunately, my answer is no. It’s such a shame because I was so pleased the morning after I first used it. My skin felt amazing! But sadly, it didn’t work out for me past that first use. I can still use it if I’m just targeting the dry spots, but it’s too expensive for me to not be able to use all over.

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