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I Love Dress Down Days

I love dress down days at work. It’s true. Not only can I wear more casual clothes, but dress down days also mean it’s Friday! If you have been following my blog since last year, you may remember that on Fridays I’m allowed to dress down as long as I wear my school shirt. However, we’re given new staff shirts every year and it usually takes a month or more for them to come in so until then I have much more choice! Sure, I could wear previous years’ shirts but why would I do that when I can wear whatever shirt (work appropriate of course) that I want? My number of Fridays where I can do this are limited! Here’s what I’ve worn the past 2 Fridays, aka the first 2 Fridays of the school year.


Top: JCrew Factory
Jeans: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohls

On the first Friday of the school year, I wore jeans and this pink tee with a beaded front pocket. I love front pockets on tees and the gold beads on this one makes me love the look even more!


Top: Lauren Ralph Lauren via Marshalls
Jeans: Wallflower via Kohls

On the second Friday of the school year I wore this black & white striped top with a little shoulder zipper. Side note, is that not the shortest zipper you’ve ever seen? Seriously, it’s tiny! Like to the point where I’m wondering why they even bothered with that detail!

I will share a few more Friday looks before my staff shirt comes in and dress down freedom is limited!

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