Tarte Eyelash Curler

I have a quick beauty post for you all this evening. A while back I got this Tarte eyelash curler and I only just started using it about a month ago. First off, an eyelash curler is an essential part of my beauty routine. I have stick straight lashes and so even with the best mascara (I have found a holy grail mascara, by the way and I will be doing a review on that soon!) I need a lash curler to get them pointed up and curled to begin with.



This purple eyelash curler has a rubbery material for the handles so it gets pretty dirty, but I don’t really mind. You may notice that this lash curler is one of those curlers that you only squeeze down. As opposed to the traditional kind of lash curlers with handles reminiscent of scissors where their at-rest position is closed, these handles stay open until you clamp down, if that makes sense. There is something about this design that feels like there is a spring or something allowing a stronger hold and curl to occur.

In short, I absolutely love this eyelash curler! It really puts a curl in my lashes with minimal effort. But beware, there is 1 thing that is tricky with this product. I guess I got in the [bad] habit of resting my eyelash curler against my cheek as I wait for my lashes to curl, which was fine with my older lash curlers with the traditional design. This design as I said before is different so when I would rest the curler against my cheek and then release it to open up, my skin would get caught on the metal spring and pinch my cheek! It took a few days of making the same painful mistake before I learned my lesson for good!

Other than breaking my bad habit, this lash curler is amazing and I need it in my life! Thankfully a replacement pad came with it so I’ll be using this for a while. In the future, I would definitely buy it again though! I know I said this would be a quick post, but I guess I had a lot more to say about this product than I thought!

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