Ice Cream + Popsicle Nails

Ice Cream & Popsicle Nails

I wanted to do something fun with my nails before I go back to work next week and while digging through some of my nail things I came across old Flash Tattoo nail tattoos that I got a few years ago. I decided to paint my nails and put an ice cream cone on my middle fingers and a popsicle on my ring fingers. My light pink nail polish is at my parents’ house or else I would’ve used a lighter polish – maybe even white – to let the tattoos really pop, but this will do for now!

Ice Cream + Popsicle NailsIce Cream + Popsicle Nails 1Ice Cream + Popsicle Nails 2Ice Cream + Popsicle Nails 3Ice Cream + Popsicle Nails 4

I couldn’t find these exact nail tattoos from Flash Tattoo, but I did find some cute similar nail stickers and linked to them below!

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