Photo Challenge: (Extra)ordinary

Happy Friday! How did my 5-day work week this week go by quicker than last week’s 4-day week? Not that I’m complaining or anything.

This past week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post was “(Extra)ordinary”. The challenge prompted participants to share a photo that portrayed (extra)ordinary to them whether it was something that people often overlook but is extraordinary in its own way or maybe something “ordinary” that’s been fixed up to give it a new bright and shiny look.

Over the weekend I was working on a small craft project for Halloween and I was using glitter. I decided to take a picture of the glitter because glitter makes everything better!


Glitter transforms anything into something more fun. It can turn the most ordinary, mundane items, into a party for the eyes! I’m a sucker for glittery objects and to me these little colorful specks are definitely extraordinary!

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