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Fall Door Decor

An easy way to decorate for any season or holiday is by putting some decor on your front door. There are so many creative DIY fall wreaths and door decor pieces available online that I’d love to try in the future, but this year I took the easy way out and got a store-bought one. I did, however, tweak it a little bit.


First off, can I just say that there are so many fall wreaths and decor pieces that are really not cute looking! I find that so many of them have the fake acorns and they are not good looking acorns in the slightest. Yes, they’re fake acorns but do they need to make them so large and so clearly fake looking? I find so many of them don’t even resemble the color of real acorns but instead take on this pink-ish tinge. Weird.

Anyway, I got this piece from Home Goods because I didn’t find any round wreaths that I liked. The problem was that this was a little too long – it went past the glass on my front door. So I decided to take a trip to Hobby Lobby and look for a bow or something that would match and cover up that hole on top where the piece is meant to be hung. Now, even if this wasn’t too long I think I would’ve wanted to find something to cover that hole. It’s just not attractive!


So I found this sparkly leaf piece that matched perfectly with the rest of the hanging. I attached it with fishing wire. I also tied a loop with fishing wire a little below the hole to hang on my door so that I raised the hanging point thereby not having the decoration fall below the glass.

DSCF2047 DSCF2049



And voila! So this is what will be hanging on my door until the day after Thanksgiving when I will promptly switch over to Christmas decorations!

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