Mini Faux Flowering Tree Globes
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Spring Craft: Faux Floral Globe

If you’ve been following me for a while you may remember I did a post last year around this time about DIY Air Plant Terrariums. I had gotten two air plant terrarium kits which comes with the globes, plants, and the other things you need inside such as sand or moss and you put it together yourself. Well, those plants died this past winter. They only needed to be watered once a week or so, but after a few months they just weren’t do so well and I may have started to neglect them which accelerated their demise. Hey, the way they are watered is you have to soak them so it’s not a quick watering task in my defense.

Anyway, I threw the plants out so now I had 2 empty globes. I decided to do a simple spring craft with them. I bought miniature fake flowering trees and some fake grass from Michaels. All I had to do was stick the little trees into the grass pods and put them in the globes. Slightly easier said than done, but still pretty easy.

Faux Flowering Mini Trees
Mini Flowering Tree Craft
Mini Faux Flowering Tree Globes
Mini Faux Flowering Tree Globes 1
Mini Faux Flowering Tree Globes 3
Mini Faux Flowering Tree Globes 2
Mini Faux Flowering Tree Globes 4

So the only fake grass I found at the store were this oval 3D ones. I wanted to be able to stab the miniature trees into them so it couldn’t be something that would be flat against the globe. However, I didn’t account for the styrofoam or plastic to be so hard and the miniature trees are made of a flexible plastic so they weren’t hard enough to stab through the grass. So I had to pre-stab holes using a toothpick. The other difficulty I had was trying to fit these all into the globes since the globes are spherical and the grass pods are oval so they start to climb up the sides of the globe. They were sliding all over so I had to loop some tape underneath them to keep them in place.

Other than these little issues, the whole thing didn’t take me long to put together and I like the way they turned out!

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