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I know October is quickly nearing its end, which means a new monthly favorites post is on its way where I usually highlight a song that I’m particularly loving at the moment. But this time I just can’t wait! There are two songs that I’ve constantly had on repeat this week.


First up, is Adele’s new single “Hello’, which I’m sure many of you have heard already! As soon as it was released I heard people all over the Internet talking about how amazing it is and how emotional it is. As soon as I heard it I was obsessed! It is so emotional and powerful – would you expect anything less from Adele? Here’s the song if you haven’t heard it yet or if you have, but like me you love it so much that you can’t resist clicking play below and having another listen. Go ahead, click it!

The second song I’m currently loving is a much more upbeat, happy song. So if you’re ready to pick your heart back up from the floor after that Adele song, then have a listen to the Pentatonix song “Can’t Sleep Love”. A happier song for sure. I think it’s so cool that they’re an a capella group and do everything with just their voices!


As I’m writing this it reminded me of that lady in Harry Potter who unsuccessfully shatters the glass with her singing “skills”, smashes it herself, and then says “Amazing, just with my voice”.

Here’s a little pick-me-up after the heart wrenching “Hello”! If you haven’t heard “Can’t Sleep Love” yet, I highly recommend it! It truly is amazing how they can create such complex music with just their voices!

What are some songs that you are loving right now?

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