Halloween 2015

Happy Halloween! Did any of you dress up in costume for work yesterday? I did and like I have done for the past 4 years, I did a group costume with my friends at work. We’ve done some great group costumes from Care Bears to Shark Week and last year we were all iPhone apps (I was Instagram). This year our group was only 4 people and we decided to be holidays. I chose Thanksgiving! I’m not sure why I chose Thanksgiving, but I’m glad I did because my costume turned out pretty good!


I wasn’t sure if the craft store would have anything Thanksgiving related out yet, but they did and I was so happy. I bought a turkey headband, turkey door knob hangers that needed to be put together, and gold garland. I used brown sparkly yarn that I already had at home.


The turkey door knob hangers came 2 in a pack so I thought I could string them with yarn and have a cute turkey in the front and the back. The only time consuming part of this project was putting the turkeys together.


As you can see, the feathers for this turkey are way too big for the black background of the turkey. I was pretty perplexed about this! At first I thought to myself that maybe they wanted the feathers to stick out more, but then that didn’t make sense because all the pieces for this turkey have peel-off backs and it wouldn’t make sense to have the feathers be so large especially with sticky backs – the feathers would get stuck to my shirt!

So I had to do some makeshift trimming.



The trimming did not turn into a disaster thankfully. I finished both turkeys and attached them with the brown yarn. Now the only thing left to do was make a skirt out of the garland.



What I decided to do about the garland was fold it in half because it is pretty wide. Then, I wrapped it around me and made a little knot that ended up looking a bit bow-like which worked. Lastly, I put on the adorable turkey headband and I was good to go yesterday!

I wore an orange short sleeve shirt top and black leggings. I also brought a chunky cardigan with me to work because it’s chilly outside and at work.





The costume came together even better than I was expecting! I was super pleased with the costume and I got a lot of compliments during the day, which is always a plus. In case you’re wondering what the other holidays were, I had one friend who was July 4th and my two other friends were both Halloween. That was done on purpose, not by accident!

Since my costume was Thanksgiving, I guess that means I’m officially ready to move from Halloween into Thanksgiving territory.

Enjoy your Halloween (if you celebrate) by doing whatever you feel like! Whether, it’s watching movies at home or heading out to a party – I hope you have a great day!

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