Spinach & Feta Puff

I love spinach. I love feta cheese. I love the Greek dish spanakopita, which is what this Spinach & Feta Puff reminds me of. This recipe is super easy and I mostly followed a recipe from Epicurious. The only thing I changed was that I didn’t add dill to mine.

DSCF1325 copy

I cut puff pastry dough into squares.

DSCF1326 copy

DSCF1327 copy

I mixed together spinach, feta cheese, onion, olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic.

DSCF1329 copy

I filled the puff pastry dough with the spinach & feta mixture and folded the corners in.

DSCF1332 copy

Tip: I only made 6 puffs. Whenever you have empty cupcake/muffin spaces you should fill it with water to ensure even baking and avoid burning.

I brushed the dough with some egg wash so that the puffs would come out golden. Bake at 400 until the puffs are golden brown.

DSCF1333 copy

DSCF1335 copy

Let cool and then eat to your heart’s content!

If you’re interested in a different take on spinach puffs, then check out my friend Vivian of The Boy and the Baker for her version!

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