Fall Jewelry Trend: Rose Gold

Fall Jewelry Trend: Rose Gold


love rose gold. I 100% would still wear it even if it wasn’t on trend. Recently, Polyvore had a competition – Fall Jewelry Trend: Rose Gold so I put together this look featuring pieces with the beautiful rosey hued finish.
Rose gold might be a fall trend, technically a year-round trend in my opinion, but we’re really nearing winter so I chose a white cable knit sweater with with zips. White and cream sweaters are the perfect winter wardrobe piece and I love the addition of the zippers. The dark red jeans are perfect for fall or winter and I think they match perfectly with the white sweater and the rose gold jewelry.
For jewelry,  a rose gold watch with crystal embellishments is an item you can never go wrong with. The rose gold pad-lock charm bracelet is adorable and pretty. You can either wear the watch and bracelet on different wrists or stack them for a double dose of rose gold bling on your wrist. Last, I’m really liking these triangle diamond studded rose gold earrings
I love this look and I think that any of these items would make a great holiday gift for someone in your life. Pants are bit trickier to buy for someone else unless you know their exact size, but rose gold jewelry or a clothing item like a nice cable knit sweater I’m sure would be greatly received!

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