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“Agent Carter” Fashion

Last night was the season finale (possibly series finale?) of Marvel’s Agent Carter and while I’m still a few episodes behind, I wanted to write up a post about the fabulous fashion on the show. If you don’t know about the show, it revolves around Peggy Carter who you may have seen in various Marvel movies most notably Captain America. The show takes places post World War II in the 1940s and I love all the clothes! Well the women’s fashion anyway, I’m not that into the men’s fashion of the time period on the show but we’ll get into that later.

Agent Carter
Color blocking and empire waists are a prominent style on the show and I’m a big fan of both.

How gorgeous is this dressing robe? I saw Hayley Atwell wearing it in a recent episode. In that episode she was standing so it was easier to see how beautiful and fancy it looked, but sadly I couldn’t find a picture of that online!

Lattice work and cutouts are also featured quite a bit in the looks on the show. It’s so interesting to me that this fashion trend from the 1940s is still big today.

You know me and florals – I’m always down for a nice floral print and the use of deep, dark, florals in the show’s fashion is well loved by me. I love that the large floral print is full of deeper colors – such a rich, retro look, which I suppose isn’t supposed to be retro on the show since it takes place in the 1940s.

Hayley Atwell - Agent Carter
More keyholes and cutouts at the neckline!

Seen frequently on the show are Peggy’s red sunglasses, which are so fun. Again, a look seen today which we would call “retro”. Also seen in this shot is another frequent look – a lot of Peggy’s outfits on the show feature pencil skirts and buttoned blouses, which is something I and many others still wear to work today just in a more updated style. A lot of 1940s fashion is a bit more boxy than today’s more fitted look. This is really evident in men’s fashion which I posted a picture of below.


Men’s fashion was looser and more boxy than it is today. I can’t get over the ties! Ties in the 1940s were wider than today and shorter. With some Google research, I found that ties in the 1940s typically hit at 2 inches above the pants waist. I find it so funny to look at! But I guess that’s what was deemed fashionable at the time.

All in all I love the fashion of the 1940s and in turn on the show. It’s refreshing to see different styles and that the time period and show embrace a more full figured woman as their lead female.

Aside from the fashion on the show, I really do enjoy the show and storylines so I hope it will be back!

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