Elizabeth Arden - Red Door Spa
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Elizabeth Arden – Red Door Spa

During my staycation/mini-trip earlier this week, my friend and I treated ourselves to treatments at the Elizabeth Arden – Red Door Spa at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City. We planned this out ahead of time and made appointments while both on prep (in case you’re new to the blog, I’m a teacher). I’ve mentioned it before on here once or twice that when I go on vacation I like to book a massage, if I’m staying at a place that such luxuries are available. It’s a treat to myself that I always look forward to. Now, this little getaway was just an overnight trip, but one of the main points of our trip was to go to a spa so it was always a for-sure thing on our itinerary.

Elizabeth Arden - Red Door Spa

The first time I ever heard of the Elizabeth Arden Spa was when I saw the movie One Fine Day when I was a kid. Anyone remember that movie? Michelle Pfeiffer and George Clooney are both single parents and their kids who are classmates miss their field trip. With no childcare and both of these career-driven parents  having the busiest days imaginable in their respective jobs they make a plan to help each other out and take turns watching both kids. Of course, chaos ensues followed by other romantic comedy hijinks. Anyway, at one point, Michelle Pfeiffer’s character calls her mother (played by Holland Taylor) and asks if she can babysit, to which her mother replies, “I’m in the middle of my spring spa day at Elizabeth Arden. I can’t cancel now”.

So I finally got to experience my own sort of Elizabeth Arden spring spa day. Keep reading for my thoughts on it!

Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa - Robe
I chose to get the Red Door Signature Massage – the 50 minute one, because I’m not made of money! The massage is described as, “This guest favorite incorporates essences of shea butter cream, facial acupressure and foot reflexology for head to toe balance and relaxation.”
Upon passing through the signature red door, we were greeted at the front desk by super friendly attendants. We were signed in and shown through the door to the inner desk area where another attendant showed us to our lockers and gave us our robes. I love robes at spas. They are always so thick and comfortable. Sure, they’re always so big on my petite frame, but I’m swimming in a luxurious, thick robe so there will be no complaints from me!

So, this locker room experience is my only less than stellar critique. The young woman who was our attendant inside the locker room was friendly, however she wasn’t very attentive. After she showed us to our lockers and demonstrated how to set the locks for our lockers, she brought us our robes and that was it. We changed and then didn’t know what to do so we waited for a few minutes before my friend went to the desk to ask her if we were supposed to just wait. It was then that she brought us through the doors to the large relaxation set up. Not a big deal, but you would think that the service would be a little more proactive. After my massage, when I was back in the locker room and getting changed, she came to scoop up our robes before we were even fully changed. Quicker service this time, however, a bit careless as I had to run (okay not literally run, but walk quickly) after her as she went into the backroom with my robe to put in the laundry or whatever because she had also taken my zip-up sweater! Other than this experience, my time spent at the Red Door Spa was fantastic, so let’s continue!

Past the locker area brought us to a whole area with shower and vanities. At the time my friend and I were the only ones in there so I could take pictures freely!  A little further in, there was a dimly lit room called the “relaxation room” complete with plush comfy chairs, sofa, coffee table with magazines, and a TV. I don’t know who would dare to turn on a TV inside the relaxation room of a spa! I know I would be super embarrassed to be the one to do it!

Elizabeth Arden - Red Door Spa 3
I skipped out on the relaxation room and instead opted to relax by the fire by the hot tub. It felt so nice and toasty sitting and chatting with my friend in my plush robe by the fire. I almost dozed off as I waited for my massage therapist to come get me.

Elizabeth Arden - Red Door Spa 2
Elizabeth Arden - Red Door Spa 1

My massage therapist, Jennifer (I think that was her name), was so friendly and I had a nice quick chat with her before my massage. I told her about how I woke up with my calfs being really sore and tight from my trip to the lighthouse the day before. She told me that the massage should help and one of the essential oils was peppermint oil which promotes circulation. She was so helpful!

The massage was fabulous and of course, the 50 minutes flew by. As I was getting pampered, I kept thinking to myself “Why do I only get massages once a year? (if that) I should treat myself more often. Besides, massages release/flush out toxins so really this is healthy for me to do. I should definitely do this more often”. That was until, I was reminded how expensive massages are when I settled my bill when I left! But, honestly, I really should treat myself more than once a year, don’t you think?

All in all, I’m very happy that I booked a massage at the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa. The relaxation area and my massage were fantastic. Aside from the minor things in the locker room area, I felt the experience and service was wonderful. Is it the best spa I’ve ever been to? Sorry, that title is still held by my out of this world experience at the spa at the Grand Wailea resort in Maui, Hawaii. Guess I’ll just have to keep trying out different spas until I find one that’s even better than that one. It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it 🙂

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