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Kendra Scott Opal Stacking Rings

If you know me, you know I’ve always got my eye on something to buy whether it’s a sweater, a beauty product, jewelry, or even something  like a new planner from Etsy. Over the years, I’ve been a lot better at not impulse buying (as much) and just making a mental or actual note of what I want on a little list so I can treat myself later on. This set of Kendra Scott rings is one of those things I’d been wanting for a while. I was innocently browsing the Kendra Scott website back in the spring because I always saw cute pieces on Instagram from the brand. Then I came across these stacking rings, which were so pretty, and coincidentally enough I had really wanted stacking rings. There were different colors, stones, finishes, but the one I liked best was the gold set with the Aqua Kyocera Opal.


Cardigan: J.Crew Factory | Top: Old Navy | Pants: Express | Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs | Ring: Kendra Scott

I first saw these rings back in the spring and they quickly went on my list of things I’d love to buy one day in the not so distant future. I ordered the set towards the end of the summer and I could not be happier with them. They fit my middle fingers perfectly, which is the finger I wanted to wear them on. There are two rings with a row of crystals and then one with an aqua Kyocera opal. Kyocera opals are man-made opals, which is how the ring set is so affordable. Man-made or not, I think the rings are beautiful. I mostly chose this set over the other ones because of the aqua opal which I think is just the most gorgeous color. I styled the rings with the aqua opal band in-between the two crystal ones.

I also love the squared off style because it’s something different. To make these statement ring bands not seem so heavy and solid, there are little cut-outs which are one of those tiny details that do not go unnoticed. I definitely appreciate them!

These stacking rings were definitely worth the wait!

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