Halloween Nails: Purple Glitter + Spooky Eyes

Halloween is just a few days away so I wanted to try to do a festive nail look. Naturally, I went to Pinterest to see what easy nail styles I could find. “Easy” being the key word. I found a bunch of pictures of “spooky night time eyes” which reminded me of cartoon-like eyes in the dark. You know those old-time cartoons where the scene is supposed to be a dark room and all you see are the eyeballs.

So now that I had picked out the easy Halloween nail style, I wondered whether having these eyes on each one of my nails was too much. What I ultimately decided to do was paint the nails on my inner 3 nails and then use a purple glitter polish on my thumb and pinky.



Nail Polishes Used:

  • Revlon – Knockout (black)
  • Sally Hansen – Grape Shifter (purple glitter)
  • Revlon Top Coat
  • Sally Hansen Nail Pens (black & white)

First, I painted my nails black. The polish is opaque after 2 coats. It dries to a more matte finish than glossy. After that was completely dried, I used my white nail art pen and drew the eye balls on my ring, middle, and index fingers. I changed the placement of the eyes on each nail. I waited a few minutes to ensure that was dry and then I used my black nail art pen to make the pupils. I place the pupils in different areas of the eyeballs on each nail so it looks like the eyes are looking around in the dark. On my thumb and pinky nails I put a coat of Grape Shifter on, which features pink/purple and some large silver glitter. Why this shade of glitter? Besides black and orange, I think purple is a very Halloween-y color and it looks great against the black polish.

I’m really pleased with how the nail look turned out! I already have something in mind for next Halloween.

Side Note: The pretty arrow & leaf ring I’m wearing above is from my latest Rocksbox. I think I may keep this one! Don’t forget you can use code lifeaccordingtojamiexoxo for 1 free month of Rocksbox! 

Are any of you doing something festive with your nails?

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