Photo Challenge: Path

Somehow we’re already in our last days of 2016. Today I have the last photo challenge post of 2016. The Daily Post’s challenge this past week was “Path“, which seems like a logical prompt for the end of a year and beginning of a new one. I went through a bunch of old pictures of mine to try to find a picture that I thought would go well and I came across this picture I took last winter.


I took this photo last winter on my way to work (don’t worry my car was stopped) one morning right after I pulled out of my driveway. The tire tracks coming from two different directions before converging and heading off into the same direction are from my neighbors pulling out of their driveways. I thought this was a pretty fitting photo for “Path” and specifically my path for 2017 as I have absolutely no idea what my path will be but inevitably time will move forward.

There are so many different things I want to do and dreams that I have but no one ever knows what will happen or where life will take us. So here’s to the unknown!

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