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Influenster: Resolution VoxBox

I got my second VoxBox from Influenster yesterday and I wanted to show you guys what I got this time around! If you don’t know how Influenster works, they pick you to send certain products to based on your social media impact, presence on their site (answering product questions for other members, reviewing products etc.) and things like that. I got my first box from them back in November. I found out over a week ago that they were sending me their Resolution VoxBox so I got pretty excited.

Now, I don’t want to seem ungrateful so I want to preface this and say that I’m extremely appreciative that Influenster selected me for this box, but I have to say that the company/site/app have really not been that great the last few days. First off, I got the email saying I was selected for this box over a week ago. I had no idea when I would be getting the box so I kept an eye on my app because last time they informed me on there when my box was shipped and provided the tracking number etc. After a few days I didn’t see anything on my app and I looked around the site for information and everything in their FAQs just kept saying to check my dashboard and when my box ships the tracking info would be there. 2 more days go by and I get a generic email from Influenster saying I should’ve gotten my box by now and to start reviewing etc. Well, my box hadn’t arrived and the tracking number still wasn’t posted. Can I just say I think it’s a little ridiculous that Influenster has no contact information for support? I had to submit a ticket because my question was not answered through their FAQs. I tried tweeting them and commenting on their Instagram and didn’t receive any replies. Then, yesterday my box arrived (still no tracking info posted on my dashboard on the app) and only then did I receive a response to my support ticket on the website saying that when it ships they’ll post the information and that I should keep checking my dashboard. Seriously?

I was willing to overlook this whole thing and lack of communication from Influenster but then I tried to post pictures of my box on the app for badge points (the more points you get the more likely you are to be selected for future boxes) and the app kept crashing. Total face palm moment right here. I tried on and off to post these pictures for about 12 hours. I’ll try again today and hope for better results. Anyway, I just needed to vent about that. Sorry for rambling!


In my Resolutions VoxBox I got:

  • a coupon for a free Sabra Guacamole Grab & Go
  • Burt’s Bees Protein Powder
  • Crispy Green – Crispy Fruit – dried pineapple
  • Popchips in the Cheddar & Sour Cream flavor
  • Organic Protein protein bar – peanut butter & chocolate chunk
  • Orabrush Tongue Cleaner
  • Febreze ONE Fabric & Air Mist in the scent “Bamboo”

Nice little haul! I love Febreze, especially to occasionally spritz over my shoes to keep them nice and fresh so I know that will be put to good use. I can’t wait to try the snacks too. The Orabrush will come in handy because everyone wants good breath! Keep an eye out on my Instagram for more pictures in the coming days of the individual products and my thoughts!

Despite my frustrations with the company this week, I’m happy with my box and so grateful for receiving it!


*I received these products complimentary for testing purposes.*

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