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Game of Thrones Season 7

This post will contain spoilers so if you haven’t watched season 7 of Game of Thrones yet or haven’t gotten to the finale and you don’t want to know what happens then stop reading!

So what did you think of the latest season of Game of Thrones? It definitely felt like we’re heading towards the direction of the end (which we are) with the reunion of the Stark children and people who have spent the past 6 seasons far, far away from each other. I mean, the season finale saw Cersei, Dany, and Jon Snow all in one place! Or just look at this picture. Each of these men has such a different role in the storyline and come from completely different places.

Game of Thrones S7

Although it seems like things are finally coming together, I still have no idea how it’s all going to end!

Overall, I thought the season was really good, but I was looking for a really epic battle. Sure, there were some good ones like when the Dothraki and the Gold Cloaks and those pledged to Cersei fought and Daenerys came riding her dragon and essentially incinerated all those people. But, I wanted more of that! Remember The Battle of the Bastards last season? Amazing! The penultimate episode this season with Jon and company fighting the white walkers was really good too so I guess the lack of a battle in the finale seemed like a letdown.

Here are some more thoughts I have on this season and season finale:

  • I know Bran is the Three-Eyed Raven now and all, but he’s so cold and weird. And he knows so much but is hardly being helpful!
  • I wasn’t sure where the writers were going with the Arya & Sansa tension. I’m so happy that Little Finger got what was coming to him finally, but I wish we could’ve gotten a glimpse of how long ago Arya and Sansa started working together! During that scene I was thinking “maybe they’re playing him! maybe they’re in on it together!” Thankfully they were because I could not deal if Sansa went back to being dumb. She’s come a long way from mooning over Joffrey to a smart, strong woman and I didn’t want to see her easily manipulated by Baelish!
  • Tyrion is a fan favorite and I always found him to be one of the smarter, nicer characters on the show. I’m happy to see him working so well with Daenerys but the scene abruptly ending between him and his sister irks me. What did they talk about?! He realizes she’s pregnant and then the next thing you know they come marching back out and Cersei announces she will help Jon and Daenerys fight the white walkers. I’d like to think Tyrion doesn’t know his sister intends to betray them but I’ve read some theories that he is aware and is going to side with his family and betray Daenerys which I really hope is not the case! I’m hoping he’s got something up his sleeve.
  • Speaking of Cersei. She needs to die already! She is so evil. I was convinced she was going to kill Jamie because she had already spared Tyrion, I didn’t think she’d do it again. That was a major relief when he was ale to walk away! And I need to say that I’m thrilled Jamie finally (!) sees how evil his sister is!
  • Tormund is great and he needs to get together with Brienne! I saw a funny meme yesterday of someone digging out of a blizzard and the text read “Tormund?! Tormund?!” For real, I hope he didn’t get buried or killed when the wall was destroyed!
  • And about that dragon. I’m really hoping that when he sees Daenerys he’ll remember his mother and turn good again! Is that hoping for too much?
  • This leads me to The Night King. Who is he?! How did he become The Night King? Do you guys think the theories are true that Bran is The Night King? I read a theory that Bran went back into the past to try to stop the white walkers and ends up getting stuck there and becoming The Night King. That would be so messed up! But I feel like he has to be someone important.
The Night King
  • In other news, Samwell is proving himself to be so useful and I love his growing confidence!
  • Also in other news, Lyanna Mormont is still so badass!
  • The big reveal about Jon Snow’s parentage was officially revealed in the season finale, but unless you’ve not been paying attention (like, at all) then it shouldn’t have come as a shock to you. I love how there are all these things going around on the internet about how everyone was/is so disgusted by Jamie and Cersei but people are kind of cheering on Daenerys and Jon. It’s true. I was even texting my friend a few weeks ago and said I hope Jon actually isn’t a Targaryen and it’s been a misdirect this whole time so he and Daenerys can be together for real. I don’t know what’s going to happen when they find out, but I hope they don’t become enemies fighting for the iron throne but work together because I think they need each other.
  • Other random thought – Ned Stark is amazing. Imagine, he let his wife hold a grudge against him for years and years thinking he had an affair producing Jon Snow, a bastard. All so he could protect his nephew! I’m assuming it’s because at the time Robert Baratheon and company were killing all the Targaryens so he wanted to keep his real identity hidden.

I really enjoyed the season and finale, but I would’ve liked to be more wow’d by the finale. I have absolutely no idea how they’re going to wrap this all up. I hope none of the characters I love will die!

Here’s a trailer from this past season.

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