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Peek-a-Boo: Eyelet

Peek-a-Boo: Eyelet


Eyelet is a style usually associated with summer, but now that we’re officially in fall and it’s still quite warm during the day you may be looking to see how to make your summer styles transition into fall. One way eyelet can work for fall is color. If it’s a darker color it can easily be a fall piece. This apron eyelet dress is navy which is perfect for fall, because navy is one of those colors that seamlessly moves between seasons. Navy and white is good for summer with those sailor vibes, but solid navy works for the chillier months.
I paired this beautiful dress with pink pearl earrings, a cream clutch with a “love” detail, and tan patent leather heels.
As mentioned above, it really comes down to the color. I used to have an eyelet dress that was a bright coral. That would definitely be a spring/summer dress with it’s bright, cheery color. I don’t have that dress any more, but I think I need a navy one like this! Then, I could wear it any time of the year!


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